The process of Tie Dye

The process of Tie Dye

I have worked hard to create a quality and unique hand dye tie dye process.  I do some of the traditional tie dye with things like rubber bands but most of my style is Northern Lights inspired.  I love the beauty of the northern lights/aurora borealis.  This means I work with gravity for this style.  This is different than ice dying with also uses gravity. Ice dyeing uses powdered dyed with ice.  I use liquid dyes and mix my colors in a liquid form.  I use these on cotton fabric/material.  This type of dye is called fiber reactive dye.

The other designs are what I call Contemporary Abstract.

Important steps in my dyeing process:

1. prewash the fabric/material

2.  soak in a solution to open the fibers up to retain the dye

3. dye and cure the item

4. wash out the dye

This gives the fabric/material/garment bright and vibrant colorfast  (permanent) colors.

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