Creative Hand Dyed Northern Lights Inspired Cosmic Watercolor Tie Dye

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Important Facts

What Are The Benefits To You?

  • Why Cotton?

    EarthsHues uses cotton products to dye. Your comfort is important. Cotton is not only soft, breathable and comfortable but also naturally sustainable, hypoallergenic, a natural fiber and biodegradable.

  • Are the dyes safe?

    EarthsHues uses 2 types of dyes: Natural and Fiber Reactive. We only use dyes that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

  • Why EarthsHues?

    Will the dyes fade? Our vibrant products are colorfast because we use items made from cotton . Polyester does not accept dye well. You know you will be getting our best when you buy from EarthsHues.

EarthsHues Style

EarthsHues thrives on being creative bringing you unique hand dyed items. We use some tie dye folding techniques but our most popular is what we creatively call Cosmic Watercolor which we do using gravity with the dyes.

Our gravity method gives a watercolor look. We call it cosmic watercolor because depending on how we process a particular item, it looks like a meteor shower. We cannot control gravity making each item fun, exciting, unique and one of a kind.

We enjoy hand dyeing more items than T-Shirts and find something you cannot wait to have.

We hope you find our items fun and exciting as well and come to EarthsHues for your one stop shop.

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