1. Will the dye run?   

         The items have been washed after the dyeing process to remove any  leftover dye.  The fiber reactive dyes are permanent.  Wash in cold water for best  results.

2.  Will the product shrink since it is cotton?

         All items are pre-washed to help them accept the dyes. All items are              washed after the dyeing process to remove any excess dye. So with care items will not shrink as they are pre-shrunk.

3.  What kind of dyes are used?

         EarthsHues uses 2 types of dyes. 1. All natural dyes and 2. fiber reactive      dyes.

4.  Why are some colors brighter than others?

         All natural dyes create a softer color while fiber reactive dyes create more    vibrant colors.

5.  Can I get 2 shirts exactly the same?

         You can get items with the same dye lot used. Since we use mostly gravity dyeing, each items will be similar but no two items are exactly alike. This sets us apart from other shops.

6.  Do you take custom orders?

       Yes. Contact us for more information. You will need the type and quantity of  the item and colors desired and we can go from there.