Who does custom tie dye?

Who does custom tie dye?

EarthsHues does! Not only can EarthsHues do custom dye projects, we love to do them. This is a picture of a custom shirt for a customer. Remember we work with gravity in our process.

EarthsHues can dye any item made of cotton or mostly cotton.  I prefer not to work with less than 80% cotton.  Usually, the remainder of the fiber content is something like polyester.  The more the percentage is reduced from 100%, the dye absorption into the fibers is affected which means the colors may not be as bright and vibrant. I will and can work with different cotton fiber contents as long as you the customer understand how the strength of the color can be affected.

Not only has EarthsHues done custom hand dyed tie dye shirts, we can dye most anything.  We have dyed cotton material/fabric, shower curtains and bath mats, bandanas for humans and pets as well.

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